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Certificeret Bryllupsarrangør Uddannelse 


Certified Wedding Organizer Training Program Copenhagen


Weekend  course on ‘How to become an effective wedding planner’

Cost : Kr 2899, -


30 - 31 July (9:30 to 14:00 hrs) or the 27 - 28 August


- Useful tips on how to become a wedding organizer. -what are the requirements?

-What is Wedding Deluxe? Who is behind it and how it started.

-Your Idea on why you feel that wedding planning is a good proposition? 

Your budget and proposal on how to take your plan forward?

-Introduction to Mengler, UK.

-Individual discussion for about 10-15 minutes with each participant. 
- Wedding Traditions in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and other countries 
- Strategies, product 
-Understanding the competition
- Understanding the market. How to promote your product.

- Case studies and examples from the wedding organizer world. Hands On!

-An opportunity to talk about your idea and bounce it off experts in the field.

How to make customer contact; how to hold a conversation with them and finally how to successfully close the deal. How to highlight your USP and what you can offer.

How to decide whether you should hold a meeting with the client or the Skype consultation?

How to bill a customer for your work.

- We help you get started as an entrepreneur and give you information about:

Micro-macro environments

-Tax Legislation

Economics and budget

- Options on how to start a Company
- Budget planning 
-tax VAT 
-Partners, B2B market, competition
- Case studies

-Media and PR information, marketing
-  Segments 
- Pricing strategy 
- core and peripheral services 
Rules regarding Denmark  in other countries 
- Question and answer session

15 minutes personal guidance is given to each participant.  After the course, it is also possible to consult with us when required


*All participants will be awarded a certificate on completion of the course

*Anyone above the age of 17 may participate- No other prerequisites


tel 42427010


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